Overview: Dietary Supplements

Just as weight loss is dictated by both diet AND exercise, optimal health is dictated by the use of high quality supplements AND essential oils.

You could have results from one or the other in both scenarios above, but optimal conditions are reached when you have both.  

Lifelong Vitality Pack - 30 day money back guarantee

Kristy’s Review

When I first found doTERRA it was because of the oils.  Every wellness company anymore seems to have “the best” new multi-vitamin and quite frankly I was annoyed.  I took a wonderful line of supplements my chiropractor and holistic health doctor recommended, however I was getting tired of sacrificing other necessitates to afford their high prices.  I reluctantly tried the Lifelong Vitality Pack (LLV) only because they have a 30-day money back guarantee.  I took them according to the box and after 30-days was done, I thought I felt no better than the other supplements I was taking.  A few days passed and that’s when I began noticing my overall health begin to decline.

Suddenly I felt lethargic, I felt more overall discomfort in my body and feet, my moods were swinging like a pre-teen’s, and my sleep wasn’t as long or restful.  I was a mess.  A friend suggested that maybe it was due to the lack of the LLV in my body so she offered me a half-daily dose and within the hour I felt RIGHT again.  I never thought a supplement would be able to support my body as well as this one.  Even better than the supplements I was taking that cost 4x as much!!

The Lifelong Vitality pack assists my body in  getting deeper, more restful sleep, reducing inflammation and overall discomfort, manages my moods and allows me to feel energized, alert and focused!  I will never feel right without it and I recommend it as the foundation of optimal health for everyone.


The Multivitamin Revolution

It seems like just about every wellness company out there is touting their “amazing supplement”, so how do you know who is best and what your specific needs are?

Do I Need a Multivitamin?

Yes.  Any scientist who seriously studies vitamins and minerals agrees that virtually everyone’s nutrition falls short in meeting the basic requirements.  These requirements are known as RDI – Recommend Daily Intake , and trying to get all 26 essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements (collectively called micronutrients) from food alone is virtually impossible.  Fruits and vegetables are chock full of these amazing micronutrients but the problem is hardly anyone eats raw fruits and vegetables anymore!  Modern diets are high in refined and processed foods and beverages, devoid of micronutrients and full of empty calories.

In the US, 9 out of 10 adults do NOT meet the RDI’s for vitamin D and E, and over half of us doesn’t meet the RDI for  vitamin A, calcium and magnesium (Fulgoni, et al., J Nutr 141(10):1847-54, 2011).  Even vegan and vegetarian diets are unlikely to provide enough vitamin D, B12, iron, zinc and calcium.  Long-term nutrient deficiencies cause lack of energy, weak bones, poor immunity, cognitive decline and a variety of other health problems.

The Evolution of Multivitamins

The 50’s and 60’s brought about the start of this revolution and have remained a staple is today’s market.  These inexpensive products deliver RDI of most vitamins and even less of most minerals.  Their mineral sources are often poorly absorbed and utilized by the body as they lack phytonutrients and omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary in the body.

Research in the 80’s and 90’s suggested that above-average amounts of certain micronutrients had additional health benefits, paving the way for “super vitamins”, often including mega-dose (10x RDI or more) of vitamins, better quality minerals, omega-3 fatty acids and phytonutrients.  

Current research of very large, long-term studies have shown that mega-doses of certain micronutrients don’t work, and in fact have indicated negative effects where they were previously assumed to be safe.  Sadly the supplement industry is still taking a defensive position and discrediting and dismissing these studies.

The Revolution Begins Here

“More is better” has never been the attitude at doTERRA and in fact, they are now in a unique position to embrace all the recent research – positive and negative – and create a revolutionary concept of reformulating multivitamins.

By reviewing archeological data, we’re able to see our genes have changed very slowly over the last ten thousand years or more, but only recently have our diets and lifestyles changed so dramatically with the onset of the agricultural revolution.  The industrialization of our food supply has created a much different modern diet while our genes are still stuck in cave man days!  We’re essentially cave men living in a space age.

Analyzing the dosages in countless studies and comparing them to modern diets allowed doTERRA to see that problems only arise when we consume too much or too little of what we could possibly get from a natural diet, what our body is genetically used to.  

This approach has set a new standard; one that embraces the concept of natural balance.  For each individual micronutrient, we now have a range of natural intakes that our body was designed for and they coincide with the amounts needed for optimal health.